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Answers to Questions

1. How can I create my profile?

2. What is the difference between Golden Membership and simple Membership?

3. What can I do if I need translation of my letter or letter of my woman?

4. How can I order translation of the letter?

5. How can I find woman from the country I want, age that I prefer?

6. How can I know that there is no SPAM on the site?

7. Why can’t I download pictures to my profile?

8. Is my profile confidential?

9. How can I change my username, password, e-mail and other data in my profile?

10. How can I see if I’ve got letters, how to reply them?

11. Which way I can pay money for membership, translation of the letters or flowers?

12. How can I order services concerning arranging meeting with a woman?

13. How can I send flowers to the woman?

14. How can I order communication in Video Chat?

15. Why am I not getting a lot of replies from the man/woman?

16. Why was my profile rejected?

17. How can I get to know more about you?

18. Why our Dating site completely differ from other Dating sites?

1. Profile on our dating site can create: person that is 18 years old, person from any country and any gender.

2. Golden Memberships allows you to have some benefits, they are:
– your profile will be always on the first pages of our site, it means when woman will search for man’s profile on the site, first of all they will see your profile.
– you will be able to see all private pictures

3. You have two choices, first of all you can translate your letter with a help of automatic translator, so you have just to write letter and click on the bottom “Translate”, but if you don’t like the quality of translation and want it to be translated in perfect way, in order to understand every word your woman mean, you can order translation of the letter with a help of qualified translators you just need to press the bottom “Order translation”.

4. You need to write letter and to press the button “Order translation” and it will come to the woman already translated or if it is letter from woman it will come to you translated to you.

5. In the table of search that is in your profile and on the front page you should choose your gender, gender that you are looking for, range of age, and country where you want to search your woman and click button “search”.

6. Our Dating site is new, we decided to make it because creators of the site found each other through another dating site, but they also had such obstacles like Spam, so they decided to help people to meet only real people. We have qualified staff that check every profile and know how to fight with Scammers. We have great anti-spam policy that is very important for us.

7. If you see that your pictures were deleted from your profile, it was made because of one of the next reasons: you are naked on your pictures, pictures are too low-minded, it has not suitable size or format.

8. While you create your profile you can see what information will be seen and which will be invisible. Other members won’t see your surname, middle name, e-mail, address, phone number, mobile number.

9. In your profile you should go to menu “change profile information”, there you can change your username, password, e-mail and other data of your profile and click in the end of the page button “Confirm”.

10. When you log in to the site on your Control panel you will see the item “Inbox” and “Outbox”. “Inbox” it is letters that you’ve got from other users and all the new letters are marked with a word “New”. So to read a letter you should click on it and after reading it you have a button “Reply”, you click on it and write your answer to the user, then click “send” in such a way everything works. In “Outbox” you can find letters that you have sent.

11. You can pay for the services with a help of: Web Money, Amex, Pay Pal. All the instructions you will find while making payment. In your profile, in control panel you will find such menus like “send gift”, “wallet”, “order translation” in inbox and outbox, go into them.

12. You can contact us and tell which woman you would like to meet, during which time and we will contact woman to ask her if she also want it, we will help you to set time and place, to do all paper work, find the cheapest tickets, the most comfortable and not expensive place where to stay and a lot of more.

13. In your profile you have control panel where you have item “send gift” you go into this panel and there you have all the instructions concerning choice of the flowers and payment.

14. Contact us if you want to get more information about the way of contacting woman in video chat. If you already decide which way you want to do it, send us a letter in which you should point women, time and date. We will contact woman and send you answer immediately.

15. You can have few reasons why your profile is not so popular. The main reason can be that you don’t have pictures; women usually want to see appearance of the man. Our pieces of advice will be next: change the content of your profile, write more about yourself, change pictures if you have them not clear or which show you not in the good way, write first to the woman, don’t wait till she will make first step or in general make your profile brighter.

16. Your profile can be rejected because you have not filled in all needed information, your information is not real, your e-mail doesn’t work, you were using swear words in your profile, too provocative pictures or you were rude to some of the members and we’ve got complains.

17. All information about us you can get in the menu “contacts” on the front page.

18. Our Dating site completely differ from other Dating sites because we made everything possible to make your communication easy, we made the best Anti spam policy, we created such services for you that will help you with translation of the letter, video communication with woman, arranging meeting, help with your trip and all papers you need and finally we are simple people who will always listen to you and your problem and help you in any situation. We made this site for you because don’t want people to be fooled while their search of true love.

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