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Natalia_Zu Offline

Was online: 17:23 20.06.2013

31 years, femaleZdolbynov, Ukraine

I am a very mild young lady, I am full of some positive inner force which helps me to become closer to people. I am also a bright person, my smile shines like the early beams of the sun! I believe you have never met such a fascinating woman as me before. I am tender and fragile and I have a strong charisma at the same time. I know I am reliable and…

Anna Offline

Was online: 17:13 20.06.2013

30 years, femaleDnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

I want to tell you a little about myself I hope that my honesty and desire to make us a bit closer will touch your heart and will not allow you to be indifferent towards me+. I am a pretty girl, who likes to smile and has lots of love in her heart. I can be adventurous and at the same time I can be a shy person. I am energetic, sincere, and open-hearted…

Dayzy Offline

Was online: 16:43 20.06.2013

31 years, femaleKostopil, Ukraine

I’ll be there for you, these five words I swear to you. When you breathe I want to be the air for you I’ll be there for you I’d live and I’d die for you, steal the sun from the sky for you. Words can’t say what a love can do I’ll be there for you I’ll be there till the stars don’t shine till the heavens burst and the words don’t rhyme and I know when…

Neonila Offline

Was online: 16:23 20.06.2013

30 years, femaleLutsk, Ukraine

I am caring, tender, emotional but at the same time very purposeful and hard-working. I love all the new and interesting, I love life and enjoy every moment. I love sports and active lifestyles. I run in the morning and do fitness.

Viktoria Offline

Was online: 23:28 18.06.2013

30 years, femaleKorets, Ukraine

Like every woman I am passionate and warm-hearted. I am very romantic person .I am very respectful to other people and their views to life. If I want to achieve something in my life I will do it undoubtedly. I have a lot of friends. They can say about me that I am a faithful, ready to give my support and help any time. I’m intelligent and educated…

Tatyana Offline

Was online: 16:09 17.06.2013

39 years, femaleRovno, Ukraine

I consider myself easygoing person, I like to meet new people, to spend evening in the circle of close friends, or visit some nice live band’s concert, travel, enjoy nature and life in general. I always try to create cozy and nice atmosphere around me, hate to have arguments, life is too short for it! Dream about reliable man near me, dream to feel…

Vitaliya Offline

Was online: 17:41 23.06.2013

30 years, femaleRovno, Ukraine

I am a very sociable person and I can keep almost any conversation going. I am also a very romantic lady and I like to dream, because I believe that when a person really wants something and think about it often, it will come true with time. I adore romantic dinners with candles and nice romantic music because I like to be treated by real man! My friends…

your_moonlight Offline

Was online: 15:58 22.02.2013

47 years, femaleKvasuliv, Ukraine

I’m very positive and romantic person. I’m fresh as a sea breath, I’m genel as a water, I’m hot as a summer sun, I’m passionate as a haricane and I’m just a women that is longing for a real man in my life…

Veronika Offline

Was online: 15:36 22.02.2013

30 years, femaleRivne, Ukraine

I’m indepandent women, I like good communication, to get know new people, because we are all so different and everyone has something special, and I’m sure that I will find my man here! I think that the real mirror of the soul you can see after some time of communication with person. That is why I don’t want to speak a lot about myself, if you want…

Candlelight Offline

Was online: 15:55 18.02.2013

45 years, femaleRivne, Ukraine

blue-grey sparkling eyes, blond hair, warm smile, pleasant appearance – that is about me. The smell of a tasty food in my place, copiebooks and hometasks of my daughter, exhibitions, cinema in a free time and a lot of work usually – that is how my life looks like. Hugs, romantic evenings, our family closeness, happy outings – that is how I would like…