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Dayzy Offline

Was online: 16:43 20.06.2013

31 years, femaleKostopil, Ukraine

I’ll be there for you, these five words I swear to you. When you breathe I want to be the air for you I’ll be there for you I’d live and I’d die for you, steal the sun from the sky for you. Words can’t say what a love can do I’ll be there for you I’ll be there till the stars don’t shine till the heavens burst and the words don’t rhyme and I know when…

Neonila Offline

Was online: 16:23 20.06.2013

30 years, femaleLutsk, Ukraine

I am caring, tender, emotional but at the same time very purposeful and hard-working. I love all the new and interesting, I love life and enjoy every moment. I love sports and active lifestyles. I run in the morning and do fitness.

Natalia_K Offline

Was online: 15:48 20.06.2013

27 years, femaleKharkiv, Ukraine

I believe that our actions can tell much more about us than thousand words. It is impossible to find out what kind of person I am just by reading a couple of lines that are written in my profile. One thing I know for sure, I never pretend and I never try to be perfect for everybody. Every one of us is different and we all have positive and negative…

Sunshine Offline

Was online: 15:36 20.06.2013

25 years, femaleOdessa, Ukraine

Let the sunshine in your life! I’m tender, fresh and warm as the morning suhshine! I’m bright, pure and hot as a day light.. I’m romentic, charming and gentel as sunset sunlight. And at hight I turn to the moonlight that touch your heart and soul and made them fly…

Simply_Kate Offline

Was online: 14:21 20.06.2013

24 years, femaleRovno, Ukraine

Hi! I am a teacher of dances, I have been dancing since I was 5 and it made me very creative, strong and goal-oriented person. But what it also made me famine, gentle and first of all the woman! I am very open person, I have traveled a lot with my dancing club so I know a lot about foreign cultures, that is why I am on this site. It is easy for me…

Easter_pearl Offline

Was online: 23:44 18.06.2013

27 years, femaleLvov, Ukraine

I think every girl should be mystery to make man always wonder and always be interested, everything about me I want to tell you in our personal communication…

Viktoria Offline

Was online: 23:28 18.06.2013

30 years, femaleKorets, Ukraine

Like every woman I am passionate and warm-hearted. I am very romantic person .I am very respectful to other people and their views to life. If I want to achieve something in my life I will do it undoubtedly. I have a lot of friends. They can say about me that I am a faithful, ready to give my support and help any time. I’m intelligent and educated…

Olga_kiss Offline

Was online: 23:09 18.06.2013

27 years, femaleLvov, Ukraine

I am a joyful and funny person. I have many friends, some of them I consider to be real friends. I like active rest, swimming in the sea. Unfortunately I can have a rest only once in a year. I go to the pool regularly, to the gym twice a week. I like healthy way of life. Sometimes I am emotional, sometimes I am restrained, but it helps to come my dreams…

Olga_Boxer Offline

Was online: 22:53 18.06.2013

25 years, femaleKiev, Ukraine

I hope you are reading this – you? my special man I have never met before. Where are you? Why didn’t we meet earlier? At last our ways can cross! I am sensual and tender woman, mature inside but young outside. I am wise woman, intelligent and educated.

Sashylya Offline

Was online: 22:34 18.06.2013

24 years, femaleRovno, Ukraine

I love life and I am cheerful and sociable. In people I appreciate honesty, optimism and openness most of all. I am a person of traditional values.By nature I am romantic and creative, kind, attentive, considerate and sympathetic, reliable and trustful lady.